For starting podcasters, this microphone can't be beaten!

Samson Q2U Microphone, equivalent to the Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB!

Samson Q2U Microphone, ideal starter microphone for podcasters

High-quality dynamic handheld microphone - with both XLR and USB connections

Equivalent to the Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB - much cheaper in the UK than buying one from the US

Plugs directly into any computer - with a USB interface

Perfect for - podcasting, vocals, karaoke and many more

Compatible with Garageband® from Apple

Comes with:

  • USB and XLR cables
  • Mic clip
  • Desktop stand

BONUS Items included:

  • Cakewalk music creator recording software
  • Pair of Samson hp20 studio headphones

Samson Q2U microphone with Samson hp20 studio headphones

Samson Q2U microphone on stand connected to laptop

Ideal for Podcasting

The Samson Q2U Microphone is the ideal first microphone for a new podcaster.  Easy to connect and with great sound quality you will be sounding professional from day one. 

Easy to connect
The Samson Q2U connects to any computer using the included USB connection. Should you wish to connect via a mixer at a later stage then there is also an XLR connector that allows you to do that.

No background noise
The Samson Q2U is a dynamic microphone and has a tight Cardioid polar pattern that means the pickup of unwanted noise from the sides and behind are minimised.

Built to last
Made from heavy-duty die-cast aluminium the Samson Q2U microphone will last for years.  The recording capsule inside the microphone is protected by an internal windscreen and a steel mesh cover.

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Image of Samson Q2U microphone

Same As Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Microphone - Very Popular In America

ATR2100-USB UK availability
The ATR2100 microphone is very difficult to obtain at a good price in the UK.  The only way to purchase one is to buy an import version at a very high cost. 

Compare the Samson Q2U and ATR2100-USB
It is not well known but the Samson Q2U is basically the same microphone as the AT2100-USB from Audio-Technica.

Useful bonus items included
This Samson Q2U microphone package comes with a desk stand, USB and XLR cables and a pair of headphones. These items would cost at least £25 if purchased separately.

Samson Q2U microphone image

Read What Others Say About the Samson Q2U

Ray Ortega - renowned professional podcaster
In reviewing the ATR2100-USB Ray says "this microphone is an excellent start or addition to any podcaster’s studio" and goes on to say "For those of you in Europe, the Samson Q2U is the exact same microphone just with different branding"
"Best Podcasting Microphone Under £50"
"The ATR2100 is fine for US podcasters, but it’s very hard to get in the UK and elsewhere." "If you’re non-US based, like me, then the Q2U is the alternative to the ATR2100. As I’m writing this, the Samson Q2U is actually cheaper than the ATR, so it might be the better option anyway."

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